Different Danguardian Blocking using NTLM Group


First of all Thank you for this wonderful stack!

Now my question
We have set up univention and blocking also using Squid and Dansguardian. But the problem is dansguardian doesn’t identify the directory groups and is unable to apply differenet blocking for different group. There is a default group for dansguardian and offcourse we can create more groups too. But how we will be mapping those groups to our domain group like (Domain Users or Administrator).

Hope i am clear with my question

I am using 4.1 Btw.


I have no practical experience with Dansguardian but the documentation mentions some UCR variables which are to be set for group based rules.


Doesn’t work that way @ahrnke

So either the documented implementation doesnt match your requirements, is faulty or you made a mistake setting it up. But I am unable to assist based on “it doesnt work”.