Difference kopano-user to kopano-admin




in ucs user management (menu item kopano) there are different copano roles. what is the difference between kopano user and copano administrator?

what happens if I change a kopano administrator to kopano user, or vice versa?

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The Kopano manual makes the following statement regarding this:

  • Administrator: This value should be 0 or 1 . When a user is administrator, the user will be allowed to open all Kopano stores of any user. It is also possible to pass 2 as administrator level, this will make the user a system administrator who can access mailboxes within other companies.

the user will be updated in Univentions LDAP, a sync with Kopano will be triggered and the user will from then on be recognised as an admin (or not if you demoted him).


thanks, i didn’t find it in the kopano-core admin manual