i am trying to use my UCS as the dhcp server on my network, i installed the dhcp service and still yet it is not working. i followed the documentation but i cant really comprehend it. can anyone give me a step to step guide as to configuring my dhcp server on ucs? thanks all


could you please explain a little bit more, what you want to do and what problems you faced while you were trying to get the dhcp server to work?

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Ulf Friedel

You see and that is where the problem lies with using Univention…every time one needs help on how to really be able to use univention to the full… one is either been directed to the Manual or Documentation that i find to be so incomprehensible let alone understandable in many areas!!!
A simple HOWTO on configuring a DHCP Server using univention would simply do the Trick!!!
I have had so far had to convince my clients to go for another paid distribution(which provided me with much more HOWTOS even A BOOK!!!)instead of using Univention just because of this same issue …no HOWTOs no Books!!!
I believe that Univention can do a lot in a network environment…but i believe that the lack of HOWTOS or Even A Book on the Administration of Univention will very much slow down the implimentation among Ordinary Admins like me!

So please we would very much appreciate it if there was a simple howto on how to configure DHCP using univention?


I dont know if you are really looking for an answer, but I’ll try anyway…
While anyone who ever tried to configure DHCP on UCS for the first time will agree for sure that this is not one of the easiest tasks, especially when it comes to a apparently simple unrestricted DHCP-pool assigment, it is not too complicated when following the documentation.
Yes, I am still pointing to the manual because anything else will never provide sufficient information. The best opinion regarding Howtos I have heared this year was “Lest Dokumentation statt HowTos” (source: IPv6 auf Mailservern (Mailserverkonferenz, see p.18). I am pretty sure that I dont have to translate this for you.
Any attempt to write a Howto is always related to a very specific task. But how can someone willing to write one know about what you want to achieve in detail?

No documentation is perfect. If there is something which is hard to understand you can always ask here or ask directly per e-mail. I guess feedback@univention.de should be the most appropriate address.

A book is certainly not a bad idea too, but it gets deprecated quickly. There are other reasons why Zentyal is offering this (trying to co-finance OpenChange).

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