DHCP forwarding two NCI


Please i test UCS server for objectif to deploy a proxy server based on squid , so below the config that i need to make with UCS :

Net Router<-> eth0<–> PROXY<–>eth1<----> to

so i need to configure UCS to forwared the internet over squid proxy.

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I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to express. Do I understand you correctly that:

[ol][li]the UCS machine will have two network interfaces, one with the address and one with the address[/li]
[li]other machines from the network should use a Squid web proxy installed on the UCS machine to access the intern?[/li][/ol]

If so this is rather straight forward:

[ul][li]Install UCS and configure both network interfaces[/li]
[li]Set the default gateway to your router’s address[/li]
[li]Follow the documentation for installing and configuring Squid[/li][/ul]

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