DHCP cannot install

Cannot get DHCP to install, anything I type for “host” is rejected.
it is the same for the print server.
There does not seem to be any guides or information in the 5.0 manual on this.


seems this is related to a bug in 5.0

I have seen this with other applications,
if an admin looks at the application and enters into the install BEFORE it is installed(scanning stage),
then cancels it. it seems that it marks the package as installed
the application ICON does not appear, nor can the application marker ever be removed or installed


do some search here- I remember a thread where I described my solution for the DHCP issue.


after digging , it seems installed but NOT showing in the App center.
the message showing is due to it knowing it is installed and asking for another UCS host to install it on.

its all related to the same problem.

Why can it not just say “DHCP already installed on this host, please pick another”
instead of all the cryptic messages

Messages are only cryptic for those who do not understand.

Same applies to me for some other messages… see my comment in the other script.

Take a training from Univention and you’ll more likely understand those cryptic messages.


It just uses words that are in the English dictionary…
but that does not make it a descriptive English sentence…
What with English being my main language an all…