Definition of bind-mounts for owncloud docker container


I would like to use a bind-mount on the docker container for owncloud to redirect the datadir path to a disk outside the container, so I want to share data between container and host. As I can see the owncloud docker already has two bind-mounts defined for this two paths:


Where are those two bind-mounts defined so that when docker starts the container can declare the mounts with the -v option? I would like to add a third bind-mount to that list of mounts.


Hello @joakinen,

the mount points are defined in the app itself and the App Center takes care of it. If you add your own it will probably get lost with the next app upgrade.

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I think we already discussed this, but at least for me the usage of dockerized applications for things like EFSS or backup is highly limited as long there is no persistent and configurable method to access the filesystem of the docker host.