Default User Account


I have built a UCD and elected not to auto discover or auto join domain after build.

When the OS loads, you are prompted to login. As expected.

Is there a default user account? The session does not permit logging in as root. I do not recall the installation process giving the option to create a local user.

I have tried “Administrator” with no password and “Administrator” with the root password that was assigned during the installation. No luck.

I built another UCD and elected to auto join domain, but it failed to find the domain controller (perhaps a network issue). So I have the same problem - not being able to log into the UCD after installation in order to join the domain, or simply use as a standalone without management.



there is no default user account. Informations about users are stored in the ldap directory. The first system to be installed should always be a domaincontroller master. This system-role provides the main directory service where all informations for the domain, user information included, are stored. If you want to login on a client with a domain useraccount, this client needs to be joined to the domain and a connection to the domaincontroller master should be possible. Please refer to the Chapters “2 Domain Concept” and “3 Installation” in our current manual for UCS: … s24_en.pdf
You will find explained the domain functionality and the different system roles.

It’s always helpful for us if you provide the affected system-role and UCS version when reporting a problem.

Kind regards,
Tobias Scherer