Default system locale in domain

Got a strange problem. Very simple setup of AD with UCS but after joining Win7 computers to domain all the regional settings are lost. I can set them back manually but I prefer them to right :slight_smile: Is it something UCS specific or samba4? Do i have to make a GPO for this?

What do you mean by “lost”? Is it something undetermined or a specific setting, e.g. German?

By “lost” i mean, when I installed the Win 7 machine i set up my regional settings, after joining the domain all back to “default” a’la US English

The question is if the result is reverted to a default or set through an active policy. I’d check if gpresult.exe would give further hints.

Actually I was mistaken, by joning domain i created new user and I forgot that :slight_smile: … now I rephrase my question: Is it possible to have some predefined locale settings in UCS that are applied to users in domain or I have to do it with GPO?

Only a GPO can define these settings. This has to be administered through RSAT. There are some links to the download sources in the Wiki.

If you go to edit some user -> Ploicies then there you can make a desktop policy with language settings and Desktop profile - what these do?

These settings and policies refer to the Linux-Desktop defaults.
There are 2 kinds of policies. One is related to UCS itself (doc: 4.5 Policies) the other one comes with Samba 4 and delivers the capabilities of Microsoft Active Directory.