Debian 9 (stretch) with the new Domain Join Assistant

Please tell me whether Debian 9 with Gnome (as workstation/laptop) is fully compatible with the new Domain Join Assistant (v1.0-16ubuntu1). The announcements only say it is intended for Ubuntu. But the package notes at GitHub talk about changes for compatibility with Debian. If Debian 9 is compatible, is it supported?

To make it a little more confusing, there is both a GUI and a CLI as part of the PPA offered via launchpad. So what is recommended method for Gnome on Debian 9?

Note: I must use Ubuntu 18.04 or Debian 9 and intend to join a UCS domain. I prefer Debian over Ubuntu. But the UCS domain is not yet built so I am unable to test. Does anyone have confirmed success with Debian 9 and the latest Domain Join Assistant?

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I join to this question, too. It would be great for beginners to adapt domain-join utility for Debian…


all I can tell you right now is within this KB article:

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I have succeeded using Debian 11 and UCS 5.x. See here.