Dead node still in software monitor

I still have an entry in software mointor for a UCS Virtual machine that used to be a BDC but no longer exists.

Pretty sure it was removed from the domain using the script to do so on the master and it doesn’t show up in computers on the domain, think it’s just a left over entry in the software monitor DB, is there an easy way to remove it (not that it really matters that much)

Is the leftover server completely removed? Can you check that via:

[code]# univention-ldapsearch cn=

univention-s4search cn=[/code]

Maybe there are leftover entries in the DNS? Do you use Samba4? If yes check the replication too:

# samba-tool drs showrepl

Looks like there’s still some remains there.

[code]root@ucs-1025:~# univention-ldapsearch cn=ucs-8317

extended LDIF


base <dc=flying-beast,dc=intranet> (default) with scope subtree

filter: cn=ucs-8317

requesting: ALL

ucs-8317, flying-beast.intranet, dhcp, flying-beast.intranet

dn: cn=ucs-8317,cn=flying-beast.intranet,cn=dhcp,dc=flying-beast,dc=intranet
objectClass: top
objectClass: dhcpServer
objectClass: univentionObject
dhcpServiceDN: cn=flying-beast.intranet,cn=dhcp,dc=flying-beast,dc=intranet
univentionObjectType: dhcp/server
cn: ucs-8317

search result

search: 3
result: 0 Success

numResponses: 2

numEntries: 1


[code]root@ucs-1025:~# univention-s4search cn=ucs-8317


ref: ldap://flying-beast.intranet/CN=Configuration,DC=flying-beast,DC=intranet


ref: ldap://flying-beast.intranet/DC=DomainDnsZones,DC=flying-beast,DC=intranet


ref: ldap://flying-beast.intranet/DC=ForestDnsZones,DC=flying-beast,DC=intranet

returned 3 records

0 entries

3 referrals


Connection -- Connection name: a25afce8-5a63-4860-9683-b21da29f3677 Enabled : TRUE Server DNS name : ucs-8317.flying-beast.intranet Server DN name : CN=NTDS Settings,CN=UCS-8317,CN=Servers,CN=Default-First-Site-Name,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=flying-beast,DC=intranet TransportType: RPC options: 0x00000001 Warning: No NC replicated for Connection!

Edit: Got rid of the DHCP server entry for it, but looks like it still exists in samba?

Edit2: Also notice a lot of failures in the Neighbours but that doesn’t surprise me, usually means the IPSEC tunnels dropped out and didn’t reconnect.

I’d like to point out this is just a domain for my personal machines and my internal DNS so if I did need to nuke it from orbit and start again it’s not going to be a major headache/impact.

First (till no errors are left):

# samba-tool dbcheck --fix

Then: “ldbdel” can be used to remove objects. This could be needed e.g. if removed computer objects left reference objects underneath cn=configuration,$ldap_base:

# ldbdel -H /var/lib/samba/private/sam.ldb  <dn>

Edit: Please be very carefull, while operating with ldbdel on the sam.ldb…

did that got rid of the left over computer?