Deactivate / remove "old" repos?

Hello, everybody,

on my UCS systems I always deactivate and remove the “old” UCS repositories.

Currently I only have here:

4.4-2-errata (Errata updates for UCS 4.4-2)

contain / active. Is this a good idea or should you rather leave it at that?

best regards

Please don’t deactivate or remove UCS repositories.
UCS repositories are cumulative for the whole of UCS 4, meaning that in 4.4-2-errata are only differences to 4.4-2 errata0. But if you want to install a package that was released with 4.3-4 and has not been updated since, you won’t find it in 4.4* and installation will fail!
Unfortunately that creates long update times, because so many repositories have to be checked, but that’s just how it is.

I have looked on a system (current version. Here it looks like this:
here nothing manual has been disabled or removed. Nevertheless, some are “disabled”. Is that correct? Then I can enter these settings on my server - where I removed these repos - again.