DC Slave cannot find DC master

Had a powerfailure during rejoin of my DC Slave. Now I can’t connect to my DC master.
How can I resolv this?
The UCS master server’s name “ucs-fs.sunhut.local” is unknown to the DNS servers (dns servers:, nslookup: Server: Address: ** server can’t find ucs-fs.sunhut.local: NXDOMAIN ) is the DC Slave I want to rejoin, is my DC master

Hi, it looks like your DC slave is only trying to resolv the DC master’s name via its own DNS server which might not know the DC master yet? You could try setting a static host using ucr set hosts/static/ and then try to rejoin the DC slave again.

You shouldn’t use .local as explained here: http://www.mdmarra.com/2012/11/why-you-shouldnt-use-local-in-your.html

Thanks that’s what I was looking for.