Data collection in Univention Corporate Server

This article documents which data is collected when using Univention Corporate Server.

Please find the legal information in the privacy policy.

Collection of usage statistics in the management system

In the Core Edition and the Base Subscription per default Univention Corporate Server (UCS) uses the web analysis tool Matomo (formerly known as Piwik) to gather user interactions in the web-based management system. Matomo uses session cookies to convey the usage information generated in this way and save it for usage analysis purposes. The IP address is anonymised immediately in this procedure, with the result that the user of the UCS management system remains anonymous. The data are not provided to third parties.

The usage analysis is used to continue to develop and improve the usability of the UCS management system. Among other things, Univention receives information about:

  • Which versions of which web browsers are used
  • Which devices are used to access the management system
  • Which click paths are followed
  • Which apps are viewed, installed and uninstalled

This is used, for example, to draw conclusions about the frequency with which modules in the management system are used or which web browser versions should be supported further in the future.

The license status can be verified under License - License information in the user menu in the top, right-hand corner of Univention Management Console. If Core Edition is specified under License type, this version is being used. The collection is automatically disabled for the Standard or Premium Enterprise Subscription. The data collection can be disabled manually and irrespective if the Core Edition or an Enterprise Subscription is used by changing the UCR variable umc/web/piwik to false.

Logging of installed software by Univention Updater

The Univention updater collects information about the available package updates from the Univention software repositories at regular intervals. The updater communicates anonymised information in the user agent specification of the HTTP request. The following data is included:

  • the apps installed on the system,
  • the UCS version including errata level,
  • and the IP address of the querying server

This information is added to anonymised statistics about the actual use of the UCS versions and installed apps. The data are not provided to third parties.

Collection of usage information in the App Center

Any registered user can install apps on UCS via the App Center. The majority of apps notify the respective app manufacturer of their installation and uninstallation.

When one of the specified actions is performed, Univention receives a notification from the App Center. The respective app manufacturer receives the users’ e-mail addresses. The notification makes it possible for the app manufacturers to keep track of the generated leads for sales purposes.

The respective app detail page in the App Center displays information on which apps include notifications.