Customize namespace of public folders


I would like to enable a public folder in OX for shared access to mails e.g. accounting, projects etc…

No mails should be sent to this public folder. The employees who are e.g. involved in a project (technician / CAD, construction manager, controller) organize the mails for a project below:

Projects → 2023 → [project number]-[project name] → …

I created the public folder in OX mails: mail folder without mail address:


Then I subscribed to this in the WebUI of OX. There it is displayed as INBOX:


Renaming INBOX → pool does not work. Is there a possibility to rename this folder?

The second problem is that newly created subfolders (e.g. new project) have to be subscribed manually by the other users. This is of course not optimal. Is there a way to configure that all folders a user has rights to are automatically subscribed?

with best