Custom URL for webmail portal

Hello everybody!
I apologize in advance if this question has already been asked. I am looking for an easy way to customize the URL to access the Horde webmail portal. I would like to have this portal accessible on instead of
Seen how UCS is designed, I am pretty sure there is a simple key to change somewhere, but couldn’t find it.

My domain is as follow

  • 1 UCS Domain Controller with LDAP, DHCP and DNS
  • 1 UCS mail server with Mail and Horde
  • 1 UCS file server to be implemented

Not being very strong into web servers and all these, I was looking for a very simpleway to do it.

Thanks for your help all!!!


you can set the starting page to a different value than the default portal:

root@dc1:~# ucr info apache2/startsite
apache2/startsite: univention/
 If the URL of the Apache server is accessed over the IP address or the hostname, a redirect to the UCS startpage is done in the standard setting. This variable allows the configuration of the subpage where the redirect points to.
 Categories: service-apache

Set this value to the desired one and restart apache and you should be ready to go.


Hi, and my apologies for the late reply!
Thanks a lot for this tip! It works perfectly when running 1 web service per server.

My problem here is that I run webmail, Nextcloud and some other services on the same server.
Is there a way to easily change the URLs for these services?

Thanks again for your help, really love this UCS thing!!!

Hello @Ghoudin,

I assume, what you are looking for is a subdomain for each app installed on the same system. The App Center does not have a mechanism for this. We once in a while thought about such a feature. There is already a feautre request for it. I added this posting to it.

Best regards,

Nice, but how to configure this feature?
Nice would be: -> -> ->

all subdomains pointing to the same IP (CNAME records)