Currently connected users

I want to use Univention domain services. Is there any facility to display currently logged domain users?

Hi ask2me007,

counter question: For which service do you want to display the logged domain users?

If you want to see logged domain users on a windows client, you can start with the command smbstatus, executed on the logon- or file server.

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Tobias Birkefeld

what I want to see the logged domain users. I will try this and will revert.
Thank you for your support

This is the output when I try smbstatus on terminal
But there is already one user connected in that domain.

Samba version 4.3.7-Debian

PID     Username      Group         Machine            Protocol Version

Service      pid     machine       Connected at

No locked files

The output might depend on the role of the system.
In my prod environment I have a master running S4 and a dedicated fileserver.
smbstatus on the DC only reports some connection. atm I only see a IPC$ access from the fileserver.
smbstatus on the fileserver shows a bit more.

Hi everyone,

just to clarify this: smbstatus reports on current Samba connections. As logins are usually nothing more than shortlived authentications, they rarely show up in smbstatus. Nevertheless, it's really valuable when you want to see the current/active connections to samba shares.
If users have a home share they always connect to, then there should be a somewhat accurate overlapping of authenticated users and the listing of connections to home shares that smbstatus can show you.

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Michael Grandjean