Cupsys print server usernames in job list @ http://servername:631



how to enable usernames in the job listing @ sername:631 in cups?
at the moment i get name:unknown and user:withheld



try setting the UCR variables cups/policy/default/JobPrivateAccess to all and cups/policy/default/JobPrivateValues to none. The latter’s default value is none already; hence only a change to the former should be needed. Restart cups.service afterwards.

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Hey Moritz,
still get unknown and withheld.
At the admin page of cups (:631) I get in the the usernames in the View Page Log.
In the View Error Log page I get:
E [29/Oct/2018:08:28:46 +0100] Unknown directive Include on line 630 of /etc/cups/cupsd.conf.
At the completed jobs page it shows Name:unknown and user:withheld

/etc/cups/cupsd.conf @ line 630 is
Include cups-access-limit.conf

is present



Is Include in cupsd.conf supported? man cupsd.conf does not show it, so all the settings done, do not work