CUPS on UCS Slave DC

Hi all,
I have question about installing and manage printers on UCS Slave controller (4.2).
On remote location I have instaled UCS Slave and sucessfuly joined do UCS Master (over site-to-site OpenVPN)

On both UCS is CUPS installed. On master I add new printer and assigned it do both Spool host.

On Master UCS is printer working, I am able connect from Win/Lin clients.
But on Slave UCS no printer.
http://ucs-slave:631/printers/ is empty.

Sync betwen master and slave is OK (I think), ldapsearch on slave found all users from master.

Any idea? How to add printer to UCS slave DC?

Thanks, ZS-Man

OK, its working.

Error was in LDAP replication. After deleting failed.ldif and restart. everything is OK, printer is synced.