CUPS black and white and color queues


I have a single printer that does color and b/w printing. I’d like to setup 2 print queues that can separate the color from the b/w prints. Each one has it’s own pricing per page, etc. Is there a way to do that.

I’m still running 4.1-4 errata428


Well, you can simply set up two printers in the UMC with the same settings regarding the model, driver & connection parameters. Then configure them in CUPS own web interface and change the default color mode for both accordingly.

However, that won’t prevent clients from changing the color mode on a job-by-job basis. I don’t think there’s a way to enforce this server-side.

It should be possible to enforce black-white using a black-white driver, e.g. “Generic PCL 6/PCL XL Printer Foomatic/pxlmono”.

If I did that, wouldn’t I lose all the tray selections, etc of the printer?

That’s what I ended up doing. It would be great if I could force one to be b/w only. I tried to get to the cups web interface and got an access denied.

Ah right, the CUPS interface on UCS doesn’t allow access by default. You can set the UCR variables cups/location/admin and cups/location/base to a list of IP networks that should be allowed to access the service. Afterwards restart CUPS. For example:

ucr set cups/location/admin="" cups/location/base=""
service cups restart

Afterwards access to https://your.server:631 should work.