Cross platform roaming profile with UCS and other questions

Hello guys,

after listening to FOSS weekly program I started to consider the use of UCS at my office. We have a windows and LInux client environment at work. 90% of our client desktops run Ubuntu Linux. We use some kind of roaming profile with openldap (for user, identity management and authentication) and NFS for mounting remote home directory. We use pgina to authenticate windows users via ldap but the user home is local to each computer.

We are hoping to harmonise our setup to allow users to be able to login to both Windows and LInux and have access to the same directory i.e cross platform desktop roaming. Would it be possible to achieve this with UCS?

We use a dedicated NAS (synology) for NFS and it also has support for CIFS/SMB would it be possible to have that integrated with UCS too?

Lastly I would like to understand the nexus between Openldap, Samba4 and Kerberos. Its it possible to have one username and password for openldap, kerberos and samba4?
Is it possible to migrate users our current directory to UCS or can UCS work with an external ldap server

If there is a comprehensive documentation which enlighten on all these questions then I would appreciate if you could point me to them.

sorry for the long question

So I never really got a reply to this question (probably because this is the wrong place to ask such a question)

Anyway I asked similar question on twitter and a user (@MiGrandjean) sent me this link this really clarify the majority of the question I had in mind. I guess I will have to figure the rest out.

I have tried searching for a documentation that I can read that address many aspect of UCS. For example how to integrate it with external NAS. How to configure replication, import users and object from an existing ldap server. I am downloading the virtualbox image so I can start testing but it would be nice to get some pointers on where to read more about the project and general howtos. Thanks

Hi, you can find comprehensive documentation for all Univention products here

In terms of integating your NAS, as long as it has the ability to become a member of a MS AD domain (or OpenLDAP domain depending on the UCS domain model you choose to run), then integration into a UCS domain should be relatively straight forward. It’s a while since I had a play with a Synology box but a quick google seems to indicate it should have this functionality.

As for migrating your current users, it will depend on your current domain directory. If you are using a Microsoft Active Directory domain then UCS has an Active Directory Domain Takeover module that greatly simplifies the task.