Creation of user template(s) after app installation


Is it a standard and automated process by UCS that it creates an user template after an app from the app center is installed, or as a developer, do I have to to create the process for the user template creation after an app installed? For example, when I installed Kopano apps, UCS created user template “Kopano Account”, and we as a potential app vendor would like to have similar behaviour.

What about if there are several user templates and I’d like to have both – for example, if there would be two user templates

  1. Kopano Account (by app vendor X)
  2. Odoo Account (by app vendor Z)

…should in that case the app vendor for Odoo create an additional user template “Odoo + Kopano Account” to have both Kopano and Odoo activated for a new user by default? Or is this something that Univention will take care for a request by the app vendor?

Thanks in advance.


the user templates are created by the app-vendor.
Regarding your intended behaviour: I think that would depend on the case. I would be unwise to create a Template that combines i.e. odoo and kopano if you role it out on a broad bandwith of users who maybe do not have kopano installed… You could do it if you are the developer of both. If you need such behaviour, I would recommend to contact Univention directly and discuss this.

Kind regards,
Jens Thorp-Hansen