CPU usage debug in virtual machine

Hy there,

I’m having issues in a brand new slave install, the 4 of the “park”
This one is installed in old server, HP 380 G5, the server specs are:

  • 2 x Intel® Xeon® CPU E5450 @ 3.00GHz
  • 32GB RAM
    I create a single vm and install ucs 4-4, 4CPUS and 4GB of ram.

I cannot understand but i simple cannot use webgui as always get modules error. The CPU usage is always high with no apparent reason, as a slave server the are a very few users that login to this server.
I have the same settings in mode recent hardware (hp 380 g6) without this… for instance the same graph for a similar VM running in this host

Any suggestion how to figure out the issue?


to me it is completely unclear what you are referring to. first graph shows CPU usage of mostly around 2.5% with some spikes to 10%.
The “top” shows 99,3% idle.
And the third shows an usage below 1%.

So where do you see high CPU usage?


@christian_voelker thanks for your time.
In the hypervisor the cpu is more than 10% is almost 100% is that what i don’t understand…
ucs dashboard
Host hypervisor

Bottom line the vm when i try to use it via webgui e get a lot of errors… like this

I guess the hypervisor calculates among all available CPUs so you have 8 physical cores and I gues your VM hass a single vCPU, correct? Then the numbers would match.

Regarding CPU usage inside the vm you need to analyze which I would focus on first.

Do vmstat 1 100 or watch top to see which process is using CPU.
The module issue might be related.


@Christian_Voelker here the vmstat 1 30


Although this is a year old thread, I have the exact same problem with my newly installed Backup DC on a Xen hypervisor. The Master DC load is almost nothing, works great. The Backup DC load is very high with the following processes using most of the CPU’s:

This is the load of the Backup DC. As you can see it goes up and down like that all the time:

This is the load of the Master DC. As you can see, no problems.

Any help pointing me in a direction would be very much appreciated.

Thanks and stay safe in good health.