Couple of bugs since 4.4-1 errata251 / Openproject 9.0.2

There are a couple of bugs in OP since the last update of our server by the host company.
Trying to figure where they might come from:

  • save in Wiki has an issue on Chrome, no confirm, but saved anyway.
  • saving colours is broken.
  • moving items up/down in lists in the admin panel is partially broken (move wp states leads to 404!)
  • role assignment in project/member settings has an issue, we have to workaround through admin panel.
    Any ideas where this might come from?

Kind of dangerous bug in admin section:
Moving Time Tracking Categories results in an error:
BUT logged time entries are associated to WRONG categories afterwards!
This shows some dangerous DB inconsistency.

Also deleting categories often results in the 500 server error.
Moving logs from one cat to another must be done manually, project per project. This is very time consuming…
EDIT: Only the top Category in “Enumerations” refuses deletion.

No one has the same or similar issues, and not a single reaction whatsoever?
(Why is this here called…?)
** BUMP **

Problems disappeared with one of the latest update. Closed

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