Could not uninstall OX appsuite


could not unistall OX appsuite when try install get an error see pictureoxapp_error
What i can do !!
Thinking remove USC server install again see if get same error

Can some help me for reboot server now can not logging in appsuite cnat not uninstall that to.
Not like that server have many problems.
Runing on an hyper -v server Windows Server 2016
I get an message loggin page:
Cannot find user with identfier “bengt” context 10 (usr-0015)
My server connected to my Active Directory server.
Worked for about 30 min ago
What can I do!!!


it seems you have partially uninstalled OX. But something remained. To find out why, please take a look at he appcenter logfiles in /var/log/univention.

If uninstalling the App completely, do the following steps on the command line:

To remove all OX related packages, first uninstall the package univention-ox and then any remaining package with open-xchange in the name:

univention-remove univention-ox
univention-remove 'open-xchange*'

Then remove all repositories that have to do with OX:

ucr unset $(ucr --keys-only search 'repository/online/component/(backend|frontend|ox)')

That should remove all of OX (except for the LDAP schema, let’s ignore that).

Daniel Tröder