Could not read from the boot medium

I am not really sure if this is the right place for this post. I just installed UCS and installed all updates and then installed UCC module. I believe it’s setup properly as it downloaded the img ready for deployment in the default network. I then created a computer with the mac address of the PC that needs the img to load in UCS.

Anyways, below is the error that I am getting in the UCC:

UCC [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_001

Any ideas what am I doing wrong?



Did you create the Computer Object with the MAC in UMC ?


Hi Christian,
Yes. I did. Not sure if it’s something with Virtualbox networking? I have it under NAT. Will test with different settings.

P.S. I did make a change on the Computers > Images section:

  • Boot Variant as documentation: Installation with repatitioning and image rollout
  • Image as documentation: ucc-3.0-rev2-desktop-image.img
  • Dedicated Server Image: was empty and changed to ucs-5621:

I rebooted UCS and then started the UCC but still the exact same error.


Yes. Something is up with the virtual network. I was able to get it going and I am no longer getting the error. I am testing with Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012 R2. Once the client loads on the VM, I am stuck at the first prompt as I can’t type yes to proceed. Maybe it works flawlessly with a physical machine.


Did you try using a bridged setup in virtual environment?

Yes. All working on bridged mode. UCS and UCC. The problem I get is that the UCC will not allow me to click on it and proceed with the install.