Correction required in tty console message?

The following message is displayed when you login into a text console via ssh or locally:

Using username "root".
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
Univention DC Master 4.2-2:

The UCS management system is available at (

You can log into the Univention Management Console - the principal tool to manage
users, groups, etc. - using the "Administrator" account and the password selected
for the root user on the master domain controller.


The message seems to suggest that we use the “root” user password for the “Administrator” account. These two accounts are different and need NOT have the same password.

I actually tried this, when I had an issue logging in to the console, hence this warning. You have to login using “root” account with root-password.

You’re right, the wording is ambiguous. This more of a bug, though, and bugs are better entered in the bug tracker. Chances are higher they’ll be fixed if they’re present there and not just here in the forum.