"Corporate Server" - you've got to be kidding

I installed UCS and ran it for 3 days. This isn’t a corporate server - it’s not ready to run the back end of a pizza shop. This forum documents it. 1. Are you having a problem not being able to connect after any system update? Oh yes … that’s a known wee problem … and we have scrolling pages here and 100’s of youtube videos that will attempt to help you get your connection back to this POS. 2. Here’s the biggie - do your administrator credentials suddenly not work? Oh yes … we’re aware of that too … so sorry … but there is a workaround that will suck hours out of your life at a command line interface trying to fix that … and you may have to repeat that process from time to time.

Randomly available system with randomly trashed access credentials.

… UNRFPS … Univention Not Ready For Primetime Server

Don’t worry guys … last post … I’ve already deleted my install and am happily running NethServer … you know - the one that you can always connect to