Copy data from ups-folder to wordpress container


I have to copy some data from my ups-system to the wordpress container. I know that I can access the container with

univention-app shell wordpress

But how can I copy the data from my /root folder in the container?


Good day schweidj,

to copy from your host system to the docker container in UCS4.2,

  1. First you need the id of the container:

    dockern ps

    this will list all the available docker containers and their respective ID.

  2. Then run the command below on the host system. replace the number with the your docker id and DockerTest with the name of the file you will like to share.

    root@ucsMaster1:~# docker cp /root/DockerTest 54782ca99d81:/tmp

    /tmp is where I will like the file to be placed in the container.


Anna Takang

Hi Anna,

thank you for your reply.
You solved my problem.