Cooperation with IServ


our school is administrated via the quite well known “IServ” software. This is a commercial linux, samba on it simulates a Windows services.

As there are both Win and about 120 Mac clients in the house, we are looking out for an easy way to administrate both win and mac clients. IServ is not negotiable.

Anybody out there with experience with univention to administrate Mac – perhaps with an MacServer?

Our idea is to copy roaming client profiles from IServ-Linux to Univention.

Thanks in advance,



I got no experience with UCS and Mac but what services are you looking for? You can join Mac OS X clients to UCS already (Mac OS X-Domänenbeitritt).

And regarding macOS Server you know apple is removing certain features? Have a look 5.7.1 release information


Yes, Mac Server becomes more and more poor.

Well, Problem is that IServ is being well introduced. Macs are poorly administrated. Univention is basically FREE, so the idea was to bind IServ and Univention together. But this is probable too difficult.