Cool Solution: UCS User and Group Sync DST -> Missing user ucs-sync

Hi there,

I have noticed that in cool solution package “univention-user-group-sync-dest” the user ucs-sync is not created after installation. For installation of this user and group sync I have used this manual. UCS version is 4.4, ISO image downloaded yesterday from your website. UCS is a fresh unchanged installation only as DC. No modules, no additional applications. Just “nacked” UCS DC.

Any ideas what went wrong? Maybe a problem with the package?

Thank you for helping.


the user should have been created by the package via it’s preinst script. To force this you could reinstall the package, but to check if the whole script failed can you tell me what’s the value of the UCRV auth/sshd/user/ucs-sync if you have not touched this one yet?

Best regards