Cool Solution - Installing UCS in VMWare

This article is giving an overview over the installation of UCS 4.4 inside the VMware hypervisor.

VMware ESX

The process of the installation described in the following article is tested with VMWare ESXi 6.5 and UCS 4.4, if you use an older version than 5.5 of ESXi please read the Known Issues section.

Installation of UCS

You can easily create the virtual server instance by downloading the OVA template provided on our homepage (UCS VMware ESX-Image).

After downloading the image you can import it with your VMware client of choice. Afterwards, you can start the normal UCS installation.

VMware Tools

After the installation of UCS you can install the VMware tools on the virtual machine to get some advanced features of VMware. The regular debian package open-vm-tools can be installed with:

univention-install open-vm-tools


To optimize the harddisk usage you can switch on paravirtualization after installing the driver updates.

Known issues

If you are using an ESX Version older than 5.5 the VMware tools installation may not be possible due to an old check of the Kernel header files. There are some files which aren’t a part of the latest Kernel anymore.

VMware Workstation, VMware Player and VirtualBox

The following Article explains, how to install the UCS-Server in VMware Workstation, VMware Player and VirtualBox:
Operation and Configuration of the UCS system in VMware or VirtualBox