Cool Solution - Automatic creation of write/read-only folders in class/workgroup shares

In school scenarios special folders allowing only for submission of files by students and distribution of files by teachers are a common use-case. The Cool Solution package univention-ro-wo-group-dirs automatically creates a write-only (submission) and read-only (distribution) folder in every class and workgroup share.

Installation and configuration

To install the package you first need to enable the Cool Solution repository.

The package must be installed on the server where the class and workgroup shares are located. In a multi-school scenario with UCS slave servers at each school this will be that server.

univention-install univention-ro-wo-group-dirs

By default the folders are created with the german names “Abgabe” for the write-only and “Lernmaterial” for the read-only folder. If you’d like to adjust these names, change the following UCR variables accordingly before the installation of the package. Once the script ran, folders with the old names will already have been created. The script doesn’t remove existing folders but sets the ACL again if a folder with the configured name already exists.

ucr set group-dirs/ro/name="My read only folder" \
group-dirs/wo/name="My write only folder"

By default univention-ro-wo-group-dirs is triggered every 5 minutes by cron. Initially we planned to create a listener module instead to immediately create the directories when shares are created or modified in the LDAP. Since the Univention Directory Listener currently does not offer a way to run a certain listener module after another this approach does not work because we can’t ensure the listener module creating the shares in the file system runs before the module creating directories in them.

You can also manually run the script: