Consultation about licensing


If I install several servers in the same company, domain controller, slave controller, and backup controller, should I buy only a premium subscription? Or could you explain how these cases are licensed?

I don’t kown the best answer… from the princing pages i would assume if you have 5 servers you must pay for 5 servers, the rule of the server that counts is if the server is a member… so 5.

However maybe someone from univention staff can clarify that and the the physical server… as it is i write in that page an ucs virtual machine don’t count? So if a run 5 servers inside an ESXI what is the cost?


this is Ben from the Univention Sales team here. I hope I can help. :slight_smile:

The subscription is charged per physical server operating UCS simultaneous. What does that mean, especially if you run UCS as a virtual machine (VM) in a cluster?

Let me give you two examples:
a) 2 physical hosts with 7 UCS VM’s:
Only two server are charged.

b) 2 physical hosts with 1 UCS VM:
Only one server is charged.

Please note, if you use UCS as a Active Directory-compatible Domain Controller, for Printer -, share- and DHCP management or RADIUS you need the UCS Domain Services which are charged per user or client (you can choose) in addition to the subscription per server.

I hope, I was able to answer your question. If not, don’t hesitate to come back to me here in the forum or per email, if you want me to make you a concrete price information for your setup.

The prices and details can be found at the price website, which you probably found already.