Configure DNS with DKIM



Hi, I’m trying to configure my DNS and UCS to use a DKIM key. I read somewhere that it was available, but I can’t find where to get or set the key.


Hallo svallory

da bei UCS in der Regel postfix als MTA zum Einsatz kommt würde ich nach dieser Anleitung vorgehen:



I found this site mentioning DKIM settings for Univention, It also mentions a reference to the kofler website.
I am just not sure about the template stuff, does one need the changes in the postfix through the template files?



In this case: yes, as the existing templates don’t offer the various milter settings. A couple of weeks ago I’ve written a blog post about how templates work and how to register your own partial template. It even uses Postfix as an example. You might find it helpful.

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Mosu thank you for the reply,
Been reading your examples on the blog for some more insights, great stuff.
Now I have to figure out how to set this up for Kopano since i just uninstalled the default Univention email setup and replaced it with Kopano core et all. Any tips for the Kopano setup?




glad the blog post helped you.

Luckly Kopano uses Postfix as the MTA (mail transport agent), too. Therefore all the other stuff in this thread still applies.

Edit: in case you’re wondering how Postfix fits into the Kopano stack: Postfix still uses direct LDAP lookups for determining which domains and email addresses to accept mail for. If the mail is considered to be local, it accepts it and hands it over to the running kopano-dagent (delivery agent) process via the LMTP protocol. The kopano-dagent in turn handles stuff like out-of-office replies, storing mails in public folders etc. and finally hands it over to the kopano-server process which writes to the database.

Outgoing mail injected via ActiveSync (z-push) or via the Webapp is handled by the kopano-spooler process. This one tries to connect to Postfix via SMTP. Postfix is then doing its usual routine of figuring out whether the mail is local or external and delivers accordingly.

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Hi Moritz,

Thank you for your insights and fast reply, will see how far I will get with this on our server.