Conditional External domain forwarding doesn't work

Hi, I’0m tryng to setup a Conditional Forward External domain server.
I’ve uploaded errors
Schermata da 2021-10-14 09-45-14
Schermata da 2021-10-14 09-45-18

How can I fix it?
Thank you

I don’t think samba has the function implemented yet?

Thank you so much for feedback, if we find a temporary solution, let’s write it here, waiting samba feature

maybe it works with a local forwarding zone where the dns server of and the ip of the dns server as ip is configured on the UCS Server like:




Hi, I have been configured like this @externa1, but a client that have UCS as dns server doesn’t find a external domain host in internal DNS server are reachable by clients

I’ve read this, than I’ve follow hot to setting in /etc/bind/named.conf a, but it isn’t working