Collecting system information for the Univention Support Team

The univention-support-info program automatically collects relevant information about a system for the Univention support team. This includes, for example, information about running processes, open network connections, the utilisation of file systems, logfiles and aspects of the system configuration. Accordingly, the collected data are sensitive and should be treated as such. univention-support-info can be found at


To collect information about a system, proceed as follows:

  • Logon to the target system as root:

    ssh root@targetsystem
  • Download the tool:

    wget -O /tmp/univention-support-info

    Alternatively, the program can of course be copied onto the system from your own (e.g. via scp/[WinSCP] (

  • Make the script executable:
    chmod a+x /tmp/univention-support-info

  • Run the program:

    Data collection completed.
    The data can be found here:

    The program has now collected the information and saved it in an archive. The path to this archive has been output (in this example “/tmp/univention-support-info-HOSTNAME.Hnc0OL.tar.bz2”).
    The created archive must now be sent to the Univention support (e.g., by e-mail or upload at

Encrypting the data

The data can also be encrypted so that only the Univention support can read it. To do so, the tool must be run with the “–encrypt” parameter:

/tmp/univention-support-info --encrypt
Data collection completed.

The encrypted data can be found here: /tmp/univention-support-info-HOSTNAME.sqN7uC.tar.bz2.gpg

The unencrypted data can be found here: /tmp/univention-support-info-HOSTNAME.sqN7uC.tar.bz2

In this case, an additional .gpg file is created; this is the encrypted version of the archive.