Collabora with Owncloud82


i want to use Collabora with Owncloud and have it installed so far. According to the steps described in the app center for Collabora, i have to install the Collabora app within owncloud:
Gehen Sie zu Market → Integration → Collabora Online → [Install]
But if i am doing that in my owncloud installation i can’t find it. What i have googled is, that owncloud has switched there marketplace from to It seems that the current owncloud version is still using the old one. I am using the owncloud82 app in version 9.1.4-20170427 and running ucs in version 4.2.2 errate 159.

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Tobias Lorentz


Collabora is available in the “owncloud” app (owncloud 10.0.1), which can be downloaded from the univention app center.

In the owncloud82 app collabora is not available.

You can either get the owncloud app if you want collabora or you can wait until the migration app from owncloud82 to owncloud is released, which could be in the next few weeks. With the app you can migrate all your data from owncloud 9.1.4 to owncloud 10.0.1 / 10.0.3.

If you don’t want to wait and would install the owncloud app - you should make a clean installation with a new univention corporate server or a new appliance which can be downloaded from here:

or here

and here is the documentation for the owncloud Appliance