Collabora with Kopano Integration

Hello there,

I have the following test-setup here:
I have a UCS with Kopano, NextCloud and Collabora installed.
Integration of Collabora into NextCloud went fine, I can create / edit documents without problems.
Integration of Nextcloud into Kopano via files Plugin worked as well. I can see and Share Files.
Hower what I am not able to accomplish is to access the Collabora suite from within the Kopano itself to be able to edit files. I always have to login to nextcloud and go from there.
Does anyone have experience with this or an idea how I should approach this? Am I missing a plugin to be able to accomplish Collabora integration to Kopano?

Hello @j.schoendorn,

What you are describing (directly opening files from Kopano WebApp in Collabora) is currently not implemented.

Hello @fbartels,

thank you for the information. Is this feature going to be implemented? Or will I have to revert to another Office Solution, e.g. Libre Office Online? I have seen there is “Kopano Documents” but it seems to be in development still.

Yes indeed. It will be Kopano Documents in the end that will solve the use case you seem to be looking for. But we have a number of other projects that we want to deliver first before finally spending more time on Documents.