Collabora Save "error"


I just installed Collabora and Nextcloud in a test environment, and it works quite well.

The only “problem” I encountered war, that clicking on the floppy disk symbol to Save, returns an error message (not enough access rights).
However, when the file is closed and opened again, I see the new version of the file - so saving was successful.

Any clue why the message appears?
People will click that icon and call us and I want to avoid that … :wink:


Hi, is that the same setup as in your other thread? Or are both apps installed from the Univention App Center?

No, different setup.

Both apps are from the App Center.

Actually it is UCS 4.2.0 - I’m updating right now, to see if it fixes the problem …

Ok, all systems are now on 4.2.1 errata 133.
The problem is the same as before.

The Setup is:
One Master Server with Kopano installed (existed before).
One Member Server (new) with Nextcloud and Collabora. When I selected the Nextcloud App in the AppCenter it told me, that I should install univention-ldap-overlay-memberof before. Ok, so I thought that I installed the wrong UCS server type for that purpose. However, I installed the LDAP package first - as suggested - and then the App and it worked.
Then I installed Collabora, added the UCS cert and the Collabora App in Nextcloud.

When updating the member server, it told me, that a LDAP server on this machine is not supported. So I removed it:
univention-remove slapd

Then the update worked and the whole Nextcloud / Collabora setup still works as well, but there’s still the error message when clicking “Save”.


that error is cosmetic the file will be saved regardless of the error poping up - that error is solved with nextcloud 12


Yes, I know that it is cosmetic.
Thanks for letting me know, that it is a known bug.


I just updated nextcloud 11 to version 12 on UCS 4.2.1 through app-center and the error message on saving is gone



thanks for the update!
I just tried it and can confirm that it works now.


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