Collabora / Nextcloud: Cannot save as guest user

When sharing a (Text / Calc-) document via Nextcloud with a public link, the (guest) user cannot save the document in Collabora:

The document was shared like this:

However, with the user that owns the file can save it in Collabora online without any problems. It does not matter if the file is in a folder on external storage (AWS S3) or directly in Nextcloud’s root (which is local storage).
It does not matter if the file was created externally and synced via the Nextcloud client or created directly from Nextcloud web interface.

Nextcloud 16.0.5-0
(both installed via AppCenter as Docker images)
Kopano (old install without docker)

URLs: (redirection to /webapp)
Nextcloud --> Settings --> Collabora --> URL of Collabora server:
Both URLs have a Let’s Encrypt cert.

Any ideas what the cause could be?

Might be related to

did you upgrade to 18 (and possible Collabora)? Do you still see the issue?

P.S.: if you’re still seeing it, can you provide the nextcloud.log (download from Admin Settings → Logging) to the github issue, please?