Collabora and OnlyOffice do not work anymore with Nextcloud

I had Nextcloud Collabora and OnlyOffice working perfectly under NgiNX reverse proxy.
Each time I upgrade I check if they works else I reverse the update.
Some days ago I rebooted Univention server now Collabora and OnlyOffice do not work anymore:

  • OnlyOffice works in local without reverseproxy
  • OnlyOffice with reverse proxy says cannot write on document
  • Collabora does not start anymore with and without reverse proxy (popup: “load failed try later”)

Please I repeat that ALL was working PERFECTLY I only rebooted the server. I have changed no config files not changed reverse proxy.

Webdav of Nextcloud is working read/write even with proxy.
I am looking at logs without luck. Can you help me?

I would like to suggest UCS with Nextcloud/Collabora/Onlyoffice to customers and friends.
Unfortunately it is the second time that a “clean” installations stops working without an evident reason.
What worries me is that this is a complex system. I am digging in it and I am not able to debug my problem.
In the forum nobody has replied. I do not pretend that someone will solve my problem but at least an hint of where to start.
It seems to me that onlyoffice and collabora are not able to access document to edit.
But I have checked and webdav works.
Do they access documents in another way?
How can I debug?

Hello @mgiammarco,

to start debugging, please login to your UCS system via SSH and have a look at the apps’ logs with univention-app logs $appid. Replace $appid with nextcloud, collabora and onlyoffice-ds. Do you find any information in there?

univention-app logs … is just a shortcut to docker logs $container_id and gives you access to the logs of those Docker containers. Please post your findings from those logs here when you see warnings or errors.

Best regards,