Clientserver is not visble in Dashboard

I have Installed Dashboard/database on a DC slave server. and the Dashboard client on a member server.
The server where Dashbord/Database is installed is is visible in the Dashboard while the memberserver is not.

I cannot find any documentation/manual on the implementation of the Dashboard so I need assistance

The Dashboard idea is a great addition to Univention UCS.

Is the member server joined into the UCS domain (univention-join)?
The LDAP object of the member server gets a “UniventionService=metrics-node” during the join. Please check with univention-ldapsearch cn=$NAME_OF_THE_MEMBER.

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Yes the server is joined into the domain.

univention-ldapsearch cn=ucs-proxy.sunhut.local

extended LDIF


base <dc=sunhut,dc=local> (default) with scope subtree

filter: cn=ucs-proxy.sunhut.local

requesting: ALL

search result

search: 3
result: 0 Success

numResponses: 1

I had a similar situation now, so i will continue in this old thread.
To get more info about the connection, you can look into what prometheus has to say at:

Connection error because of a certificate problem will be displayed there, for example.