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Dear Community, dear univention team,

I’m now on 4.3, but still not found a configuration parameter to set the logo, which is displayed at the SSO page. Is such a feature implemented? How to reach it?

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which logo is used on the login page cannot be configured at the moment. I see three ways to circumvent this:

  1. Edit the file that generates the HTML code, /usr/share/simplesamlphp/modules/univentiontheme/themes/univention/core/loginuserpass.php, and let it output a path to your own logo. Advantage: you can use any type of picture format for the logo. Disadvantage: whenever you update your system (rather: the package univention-web), your modifications will be overwritten and you have to re-apply them.
  2. Replace the file in the file system with your own logo: /usr/share/univention-web/js/dijit/themes/umc/images/login_logo.svg . Disadvantages: whenever you update your system (rather: the package univention-web), your modifications will be overwritten and you have to re-apply them, and your logo has to be in SVG format.
  3. Configure Apache to deliver another file on accesses to the URL. Advantage: rather safe wrt. system upgrades. Potential disadvantage: your own logo needs to be in SVG file in this case.

The third would be my choice. Here’s how that might look (untested):

  1. Create the file /etc/apache2/conf-available/custom-logo.conf with the following content:
    Alias /univention/js/dijit/themes/umc/images/login_logo.svg /path/to/my/custom_logo.svg
  2. Enable the configuration with: a2enconf custom-logo
  3. Reload Apache: systemctl reload apache2

Kind regads,


Why ever, this is not working :frowning:

Same on Redirect


you’re right, it doesn’t work for me either (I didn’t actually test my solution before posting it).

What I did test, and what does work, is the following:

  1. Enable mod_rewrite: a2enmod rewrite
  2. Modify the custom-logo.conf file you’ve already created to contain the following content:
    RewriteRule /univention/js/dijit/themes/umc/images/login_logo.svg /path/to/my/custom_logo.svg [L]
  3. Restart Apache: systemctl restart apache2

You may have to clear your browser’s cache if the old logo is still shown afterwards.


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Fast perfekt. Leider greift diese Einstellung nicht für den virtualhost ucs-sso (oder andere wo das logo noch verwendet wird). Ist es möglich diese Regel global auszurollen?
RewriteOptions InheritDown Scheint leider nicht zum Erfolg zu führen :confused:

option 4: use dpkg-divert

With dpkg-divert you can redirect login_logo.svg to another file (e.g.login_logo.svg_org) and put your logo to login_logo.svg yourself.

dpkg-divert --add --rename --divert \
 /usr/share/univention-web/js/dijit/themes/umc/images/login_logo.svg_org \

Have a look at the changes with vimdiff /var/lib/dpkg/diversions*.

To simulate an upgrade, you can run univention-install --reinstall univention-web-style.

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This is most likely due to the existing rewrite rules the SAML virtual host uses (see /etc/apache2/sites-available/univention-proxy.conf; the rule RewriteRule ^/univention/(.*)$ %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}%{REQUEST_FILENAME} [END] is probably the culprit).

In this case using dpkg-divert as Thorsten has suggested is the better choice.

Remember that you have to do that not only on your DC Master, but on all servers that can act as a SAML provider (see host ucs-sso.$(ucr get domainname)).

Kind regards,

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**dpkg-divert:** **Fehler:** Umbenennen beinhaltet Überschreiben von »/usr/share/univention-web/js/dijit/themes/umc/images/login_logo.svg« mit

anderer Datei »/var/www/24.svg«, nicht erlaubt


P.S. using sudo.

-> Have to rename/remove the original before :wink:

=> but even that seems not working. Still seeing the default Logo :frowning:

that should be a caching problem => STRG+SHIFT+R

Tried everything…

But funny thing, since update to errata704 it is working :wink:

So, finally SOLVED
Thanks everyone who was involved.

And after 711 everything is gone again :’(

sudo dpkg-divert --list | grep logo
lokale Umleitung von /usr/share/univention-web/js/dijit/themes/umc/images/login_logo.svg zu /var/www/24.svg

Hallo liebe Univentioner,
seems that 24.svg will now overwritten on every package install/update with /usr/share/univention-web/js/dijit/themes/umc/images/login_logo.svg

Dear Community, dear Univention Team,

Is there any “cooler” solution in 4.4 or do I still have to replace the logo on every update?

Dear Community, dear Univention Team,

is there any smoother solution than replacing the logo after every errata update?
This is annoying :frowning:

I suggest to subscribe to our errata / security announcement mailinglist to get informed about UCS Errata updates. I think your requirement can now be implemented when updating to a recent UCS version. Check the UCS 4.4-1 changelog - I put links to the relevant sections below. Search for css

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Whyever this is not working anymore.

I also need to implement this. Is there any other solution than replacing the logo under /usr/share/univention-web/js/dijit/themes/umc/images/login_logo.svg ?


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