Checking on Windows 10 Support

I am wondering if anyone has joined a Windows 10 workstation/desktop/laptop to a UCS Samba 4 Domain?

We are about to on-board some users and they will be getting Windows 10. Just wondering if there are any gotcha’s I need to be aware of.

We are adding also our windows 8.1 tablets as well. We are pretty much a Windows 7 shop but that will be changing.


I can only tell from my test - a windows 10 could join a S4 domain easily and seems to have no problems at the moment. It was fast and the procedure was exactly as in Win 8.1 and 7. Windows 8.1 should have no problems as well. But you should really test such scenarios before going live.

Seems to work ok. Shows up in umc Computers: as Windows 10 Pro (Operating System) and 10.0 (10240) (Operating system version) in primary group Windows Hosts.

It all looks radically different in the Windows 10 interface, takes a while to find stuff. Shares seem to integrate ok, but can get lost in the complex layout on a busy power user’s explorer.