Check Samba replication status for errors

release version is 5.0-2 errata572

Good night

I had problems on my ucs master, so the only one working was my ucs replica, somehow you can update my master and fix the previous problems.

The current problem is that my master and my replica are not synchronizing. The validations that have already been done are:

  • Have the same time
  • That they have the same dns

At the moment I have my master turned off because if I turn it on, the users that were created in the replica that do not exist in the master have problems authenticating.

The infrastructure has a master, a replica and a backup, the only one with synchronization issues is the replica

UCS02 - Replica
UCS03 - Backup


error during DRS replication from Default-First-Site-Name/UCS01 (WERR_GEN_FAILURE)