Check_nt CPULOAD

I have the NSClient++ installed and listening on port 1248 {changed}. If I run:

./check_nt -H {Host} -v CPULOAD -l 1,90,95

I get the correct response, but adding that to UCS:

Command: check_nt
Arguments: CPULOAD!1,90,95
OR: CPULOAD!-l 1,90,95

I get:

SERVICE ALERT: {Host};CHECK_WIN_CPU;UNKNOWN;SOFT;1;missing -l parameters

I’ve tried hundreds of combinations now and I cannot get the arguments to pass.

What is the correct syntax? Yes, I read the manual. Doesn’t really help.

Everything is current with univention-upgrade. Thanks in advance.

Solved my own problem.

For anyone else experiencing this issue, check_nt only passes one argument. This means you can’t use the !. You need to send everything in '.

‘CPULOAD -l 1,80,90’

You can see what UCS will send in the Nagios Configuration --> Commands page.

Hope this helps someone.