Changing role from backup to master failed

Hi there,
with USC 4 I have set up a backup DC, identical USC version like the master. The backup server was successful added into the existing domain. The following i have shut down the master DC and executed on the backup univention-backup2master, have commit all question with the default Y. There are no errors displayed. But no windows client can connect to the new master. The new master is also not visible in the windows network environment. Then rebooting the windows clients and the new DC. The UCS GUI is available but no SMB access possible when using \\ in windows explorer.

Now I have shut down the news Master DC and started the old master DC and have a working network with the old machine.

What can I do now? How do I access the logfiles of the new DC when the old one is still running?

Thanks for any help to get the new server running.

Simple… (for accessing log files)
Option 1:
Get an unused router/switch/ ADSL unit, ensure it is NOT connected to your existing network.

connect the “new” DC to this unit , connect a computer to this unit.

DO NOT allow this setup to connect to any of your existing network even by WIFI, the DHCP system will spam your network.
Even worse, the Samba back ends will attempt to communicate, causing all sorts of problems.

Option 2:
ensure the “new” system is not connected to any network, that your “old” system is connected to.
then log into the CLI console of the “new” server, and you can view any log files from there…
Or attach a USB drive and copy the /var/log directory structure to hte USB and move to another computer for investigation.

Thanks for committing, that no network access should be able from the new server.
Have downloaded the complete /var/log/* directory.

attached the two log files, they should be mostly important, but I can’t find any errors.
Can anybody please the a look into the files and give me some help why the new master DC is not doing his job?

Thanks for helping me.

backup2master.log (77.7 KB)
check_join_status.log (17.3 KB)