Changing 'Computers' container in LDAP to an Organizational Unit



Is it possible to change the ‘computers’ folder in the LDAP directory (type: “Container”) to an “Organizational Unit”?

I currently can’t see my computers under Group Policy Management, as it is looking for OU’s.



I dont think that this is possible or rather has too many sideeffects to consider.
As far as I know the usual way is to create a custom structure using OUs and move the existing objects. In UCS you may want to check that the container is handled by the S4-connector and eventually add the container to the default for new objects of the relevant type.



I guess its those side effects I’m concerned about!

Can you foresee any obvious effects if I move the ‘computer’ objects from the ‘Computers’ container into a custom OU. UCS adds new domain computers by default into the Computers container - what else ‘links’ to that container?



I havent seen any problems after moving already joinend Windows systems to alternate locations but I might not have full insight into edge cases. You can create objects in the desired OU before joining them.

The only “don’t do” I have found during a quick research was related to UCS systems ( but that problem doesnt apply here.