Changelog for changes relevant to the App Center and App integration up to 15. May 2018

We are continually improving the App Center infrastructure. Today I’d like to inform about some recent changes that may have an effect to your App and its integration with UCS.

  1. A privacy statement has been added to the UCS system setup. It can be found at the end of the wizard and before the system setup actually runs. (Bug 46742, Bug 46852)
  2. The data directory of Docker Apps is no longer copied to a separate backup directory. If special backups are needed during for example app updates, the App needs to take care on its own. (Bug 45670)
  3. The App Center on a UCS host system passes the UCR variables ldap/server/*to docker containers. App Providers may use these environments variables to connect to the LDAP server of the domain ( (Bug 46779)
  4. The UCS App Box images used by package based docker apps has been updated to UCS 4.3-0. App Providers of apps with App Box image will be contacted by Univention.
  5. UCS 4.3-0 is available as Build Target in Open Build Service
  6. The Apache Proxy module now correctly sets X-Forwarded-Proto and X-Forwarded-SSL in the header (Bug 44921)

It is intended to provide regular updates on changes on the App Center infrastructure and integration. The information is targeted at app developers.

If you have questions to one item above, please open a new topic!