Changelog App Center and App Integration up to 30. August 2018


after the first posting on changes for the App Center and app integration, here is an update on what has been released during the last weeks. This is basically a filtered summary on UCS errata updates released for the App Center.

  1. The App Developer Reference in the Univention Wiki has been replaced by the App Center Documentation for App Providers. The new documentation has a focus on Docker apps. If things are missing or unclear, please provide feedback directly from the documentation.
  2. A push mechanism for users and groups has been added for Docker apps which can now benefit from the well-know Listener-/Notifier mechanism in UCS. It can be used to process identity data to for example provision users to your solution. It has been introduced with UCS 4.3 erratum 211. (Bug #47265)
  3. Added “update-certificates” command to univention-appcenter. Introduced in UCS 4.3 erratum 91. (Bug #46789)
  4. Join script now uses bindpwdfile options. Introduced in UCS 4.3 erratum 91. (Bug #47051)
  5. Docker Apps no longer have a default for the attribute that controls which command is used to start the container. If not given, the command specified during the build of the image will now be used. It has been changed with UCS 4.3 erratum 211. (Bug #42970)
  6. The user root is used inside containers to run scripts. It has been changed with UCS 4.3 erratum 211. (Bug #47340)
  7. univention-app logs <appid> has been added. It is a shortcut to the docker logs <container id> command and fetches the container logs. It has been introduced with UCS 4.3 erratum 221. (Bug #46433)
  8. Increased the performance of the App Cache on the UCS systems. App information is loaded faster in the App Center UMC module. Introduced in UCS 4.3 erratum 126. (Bug #46821)
  9. The command “univention-app” took every App from every UCS version into consideration. Now Non-Docker Apps are excluded when the UCS version of the App and the one of the system do not match. Introduced in UCS 4.3 erratum 114. (Bug #47187)
  10. When changing the App Center server, update all installed AppBox based apps, too. AppBox apps use the UCS based AppBox Docker image. Introduced in UCS 4.3 erratum 91. (Bug #43434)

It is intended to provide regular updates on changes on the App Center infrastructure and integration. The information is targeted at app developers.

If you have questions to one item above, please open a new topic!

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